Anu Hasan

Anu Hasan
  • ALIAS NAME : Anuradha Chandrahasan
  • OCCUPATION : Actress
  • NATIONALITY : Indian
  • BORN : 15-07-1970
  • DIED :
  • SKILLS :
  • LANGUAGE : Tamil

Anu Hasan Biography


Anu Hasan was born name known as Anuradha Chandrahasan. Anu Hasan was born year 15-07-1970. Anuradha Chandrahasan is Tamil actress and Television anchor. She was complete her picture debut in the disapprovingly celebrated Indira. She held the star talk show Koffee with Anu on the Tamil channel Vijay for three periods. Anuradha Chandrahasan ventured into television acting initial in the series Anbulla Snehgidhiye. Chandrahasan joined the Ask How India social drive and complete a series of videos relating to social issues. Anu has worked as a dubbing artiste loaning her voice for many non-Tamil speaking actresses.

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