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Beautiful Movie is Ram Gopal Varma Romantic Promos Rangeela.

Beautiful Movie has hit the screens today and let’s see whether it has anything interesting instore for us.


Rini the name Nanina Ganguly is a girl who is very content in her slight little life and does not have many huge goals in life. 

Priyank the name Suri is a guy who has attitude issues and does not like getting bogged down in life or bend in front of anyone. 

As time passes by, both these characters fall deeply in love. 

Rini gets a chance to become an actress and she laps it up with both hands. 

The rest of the story is as to how this couple mends their ways and get together once again in life.

Plus Points :

Priyank is a decent find and does well in his hero’s role. 

He shares good chemistry with the heroine Naina and also does the emotional and romantic scenes in the first half. 

He has also danced well in the film. But the star of the film is Naina Ganguly.

She looks absolutely gorgeous in the film. She is hot for the audience.